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Stop struggling to open your sliding doors.

There is:

  • No need to tolerate hard to open and close sliding doors.
  • No need to struggle with doors that don’t slide or lock correctly and securely.
  • No need to be frustrated day after day, with sliding doors that scratch, grind, or come off the track. has over twenty-five years of experience in sliding door repairs. We specialise in commercial and residential doors.

Most of the enquiries we deal with daily involved aluminium sliding doors. Our team carry out a high volume of these types of repairs every week. Consequently, we have developed unique and innovative methods for repairing sliding doors, both wooden and aluminium.

Let’s look at a typical aluminium sliding door repair to make you aware of how reliable our service is:

  • First, we remove the fixed side panel
  • Next, we dismantle the bottom door rail
  • Then we completely overhaul the existing track by machining the original back and placing a stainless steel capping over the top.
  • In every case, we install new heavy-duty sliding door rollers or door wheels – the reason being that most sliding door repairs become necessary when the door roller deteriorates with constant use.

We have set out the following information so you can fully comprehend the reasons why your door is not operating as it should:

  • The tyre on your door roller is meant to cushion the roller, so it slides easily along the track
  • This tyre is usually made of synthetic material which can erode over time
  • Consequently, the exposed metal parts on the roller make contact with the exposed ball bearing of the door roller – you can guess what happens next  – the door makes a grinding noise
  • This process results in the necessity for the door rollers to be replaced because they deteriorate to the point where they do not operate properly, if at all

We can repair your glass and aluminium sliding doors can repair your glass and aluminium sliding door.

No need for a replacement door – no need for thousands of dollars in expenditure.

Here is how we repair your sliding doors

  • Care must be taken during the process of repair so that the glass is not damaged or broken
  • We have devised effective methods to protect the glass during repairs and to avert this type of catastrophe
  • We remove the bottom of the door
  • We try to protect the screws so that the heads of the screws that hold the door securely, do not break – unfortunately this can be very common. That’s why we take so much care
  • However, should this occur, we can remove the remains of the screw and fit a new fastener
  • We ensure your security by fitting the door so that the locks align exactly
  • We reinstall the door to the sliding door track
  • We ensure that the door sits perfectly in the frame
  • We adjust the lock

Reasons why you may have had issues with your sliding door

  • Because door rollers deteriorate, they may collapse – taking the door out of alignment with the lock
  • During the process of repair – we replace the sliding door rollers and carriages correctly
  • This ensures that after the door is re-installed, it can be fitted so that each element of the locks align perfectly

Answers to your sliding door repair FAQs

Which is most effective and durable – steel or synthetic?

This is an intelligent question and deserves a comprehensive answer.

Especially in domestic circumstances, the sliding doors are quite light. The common problem is that light doors are often slammed so vigorously and quickly, that they bounce. For these types of doors, the rollers should be synthetic ones so that the sliding door track will not be damaged by heavy-duty steel rollers which could damage the track by making dents in them.

On the other hand, if the door in question is a heavy one – naturally it will not bounce during slamming, and the sliding door track will not be damaged.

Heavy doors require heavy-duty steel rollers, and light doors require light, synthetic rollers – makes sense – doesn’t it?

FAQ around the removal of the fixed glass panel

No, not all doors repairs require the removal of the fixed glass panel. The reason being that the lip on the threshold is low enough for the door roller and the door to fit over it.

On the other hand, synthetic door rollers may project below the bottom of the door. In this case, the fixed panel must be removed to avert the problem of the new door roller being dragged over the lip of the threshold, damaging the tyre and carriage.

Leave it to us – we know what the best option for repairing your sliding door is. Don’t take chances with inexperienced tradesmen and handymen. hope we have given you enough information to make you confident that we can solve all your sliding door repair problems.

However, should you require more information or a free quote – please contact us on the number below, and one of our technicians will answer any further queries you might have.