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Sydney Sliding Door Repairs

Sydney Sliding Door Repairs

Are you frustrated with your sliding door that is stuck and no longer slides easily? The good news is you don't need to get a new sliding door but instead you can let our experienced Sydney team look after your sliding door repairs and save considerably amounts of money at the same time. Dedicated Professionals With Over 25 Years Experience In Fixing Doors

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Our technicians at are aware that: Our customers do not want a temporary solution – they want one which should reasonably last for up to ten years depending on daily treatment of the door. We can replace faulty sliding door tracks on the spot. These are some the many benefits that we can guarantee our customers!

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Discover How We Can Best Help You Get Your Sliding Door Fixed Fast. Did you know that there is no need to undergo an expensive replacement of your jammed or hard-to-open door? can save you thousands of dollars by carrying out a repair on your problem door, today.

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5 stars

“I’ve had problems with a sliding door ever since my wife and I moved into our home three years ago. But it grew worse until I had great difficulty opening the door itself. In desperation, I phoned Adsafe Doors and to my pleasant surprise they came out the very next day!

They diligently and thoroughly disassembled the door and replaced all the broken and worn parts. An hour or so later the door was working perfectly. Yes, it was expensive, but it was worth it. Adsafe Door’s has given me a sliding door that will work beautifully for years and because I don’t have to replace it with a new door, they saved me thousands of dollars in the process.


Stuart Pearson
5 stars

My house is around 15 years old and the sliding door at the side of the house was not operating as it should. It is quite a heavy door and it was coming off the tracks when we tried to open and close it. We actually got to the stage that because of this problem, and having to lift the door back onto the track all the time, we avoided using it at all. This was a problem in summer when we need more ventilation.

The fact is, we didn’t think we could afford a new door – especially one of the same quality as the existing door.

However, I called and got some very valuable advice over the phone. They were happy to give me a free quote. When the technician arrived, I peeped into his van and realised that he had a huge range of different rollers and tracks etc.

He made me feel very confident that he could fix the door for what I thought was a reasonable price under the circumstances. He dismantled the door and replaced the worn-out parts. In a few hours, the door was working again as it had when I first bought the house.

I was very impressed and my door is working perfectly.

Alexis Brandon
5 stars

I have a fairly new house in Parramatta. It’s only around 8 years old. Unfortunately, for some reason the sliding door onto the patio has been causing a lot of trouble for some time now. I’ve put off calling in a repairman because I believed that he would tell me I need a new door and that would mean quite a lot of money, which I simply couldn’t afford.

One of my friends recommended that I call because he and his wife had their sliding door repaired by these people last year. The door is quite light but we were having a lot of trouble opening and closing it. The rollers were making a raucous, grinding sound as the door moved along the track. I have three children and the door gets a lot of use.

The next day, a tradesman from appeared on my doorstep. Apparently, I didn’t need a new door at all, because the tradesman replaced the rollers and other parts, and that effectively, got rid of the noise completely.
Now my door is working as it should and I’m very grateful that I didn’t have to spend thousands on a new door.

Annette Chalmers
5 stars

I’m a pensioner with not a lot in savings and I was faced with the prospect of having to replace my sliding aluminium and glass door. I was really quite frightened for my safety, because the lock wasn’t working proper, so I knew that something had to be done. My neighbour, who fancies himself a competent handyman had tried to fix the door, with no success.

I took it upon myself to look for a company which specialised in sliding door repairs and came up with To my great relief and delight, they sent out a tradesman the very next day. I really didn’t expect such prompt service. However, the door was dismantled and new rollers installed. There was also a problem with damage to the bottom track which must have accounted for the noise during opening and closing.

It seemed so quick – the repairs. And the cost was certainly affordable. I am so relieved I didn’t have to spend perhaps, thousands of dollars by having a new door installed.

I feel much more secure now, because the door is locking properly and is sliding quietly without any trouble at all thanks to

Stephanie O’Loughlin
5 stars

“Only a few years ago, my husband and I had a new home built for our growing family. We were astounded to find that problems with our sliding door began almost immediately. The situation grew worse until we were at the point that we had constant difficulty opening and closing the door.

Finally, I contacted and received and prompt and courteous attention.

I’m pleased and greatly relieved that our door is now working perfectly – and we didn’t have to pay out thousands of dollars for a new door. Their tradesman took the whole door apart and replaced the parts that were worn out and broken. He then reassembled the door and it worked perfectly, as it should. They seem to have installed much higher quality parts because after much daily use, the door is working beautifully, still. The repair job saved me much more money that I would have had to pay for a new sliding door.”

Helen Moore
5 stars

“I had literally put up with the problems associated with opening and closing my sliding door for two years – thinking that I would have to outlay thousands of dollars on a new door. I simply could not afford that type of money. The door had been grinding along the track, making an obnoxious noise, and I really felt that, because the lock did not align properly, our security and safety was at stake.

One day, a friend recommended I called them that very day and to my complete surprise, a tradesman attended my home within hours. By the time my husband came home from work that night, the door was working perfectly. The cost was entirely affordable in comparison to what I had been advised by another tradesman for a new door. We haven’t had any trouble with the door since and it slides quietly and smoothly, without a struggle. Our lock is working perfectly. I couldn’t be happier.

I have to say, I feel much safer. Well done,!”

Sarah Young
5 stars

“The aluminium sliding door leading on to my balcony was a nightmare to open and close. The problem was mainly, that there was a terrible grinding sound as the door moved along the track, not to mention the fact that it took a great effort just to get it open in the mornings. Admittedly, the house is 20 years old, but the door was a very sturdy one and what scared me was the thought of having to spend God’s knows how much money, to replace it.

I actually resorted to Google and came up with The young lady on the phone was very courteous and seemed to have quite an extensive knowledge of what the problem was. At any rate, they sent out a tradesman the next day. I was very impressed with the way, this young man handled the situation. Within hours he had my door working perfectly. He replaced a lot of the parts and took extreme care with the glass in the process.

The upshot is that after a few hours, my door was sliding along the track quietly and without any struggle whatsoever. I’m very grateful to these people and would certainly recommend their services to anyone in need of a sliding door repair. Best of all, the price was very reasonable compared with a new door installation.”

Christine Keavney