Sliding Door Repair FAQs

All Your Sliding Door Repairs Questions Answered Here

We have a very high volume of frequently asked questions from people concerned about problems with their sliding doors. Because you are a valued customer of, we’ve set out a comprehensive list of questions and answers for your convenience.

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I’m told that it is absolutely necessary to replace a sliding door that is constantly jamming. Is this true? I simply cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on a new door.
You’ve probably been talking to someone who is not a specialist in this type of repair. All our customers are taken aback at the success of our repair work. It is only when rot or corrosion is extraordinarily excessive, that a replacement is the only option, but this situation is very rare.

Is it possible for the home handyman to carry out repairs on a sliding door?
Doing a sliding door repair yourself could be a disaster in terms of expense because you may do irreparable damage to the door and necessitate a replacement. You wouldn’t expect to be successful with any other type of specialist repair job. Because are specialists in sliding door repairs, our technicians can offer you the most affordable option.

We’ve heard many disaster stories from householders who have either attempted the repair themselves or called in a handyman or tradesman without specialist experience in sliding door repairs.

We have a sliding door that makes so much noise in our apartment building as we open and close it, that our neighbours are complaining. This is becoming very embarrassing – not to mention the inconvenience to us. It’s time we had it repaired. What can you do for us?
This is a very common problem and no doubt, the tyres on the sliding door rollers are completely deteriorated. That means that the inner ball bearing is scraping along the track, causing a loud, scraping noise. The easy answer is that a technician from  will replace the rollers and the carriages and use high-quality nylon tyres on the door rollers. Consequently, your door will slide quietly and smoothly again.

I’ve been in touch with a builder situated nearby to carry out my sliding door repair. He said that in order to do that, he would have to remove the door itself, and he was not equipped to do so. Can you actually remove the door and carry out a repair?
Certainly, we have developed an ingenious method for removing the door without causing any damage. We then carry out the repairs to your satisfaction.

My cavity sliding door leading into the kitchen is stuck and not moving. Can you repair this for me?
It sounds very much like the top roller is broken and needs replacement. We have had a lot of success in removing cavity sliding doors and replacing the rollers. Sometimes the track itself is damaged. However, that can also be replaced successfully and the door restored to working order.

How long do sliding door repairs take?
Because we have perfected our repair methodology to the most efficient level, technicians from has the expertise to repair your sliding door in as little as two to three hours. First, we remove the side panel, then the door and last, we remove the bottom rail of the door. Then, the carriages and rollers which have deteriorated over time can be removed. The bottom rail then requires adjustment allowing for the new door rollers and door carriages to be fitted. Next, we refit the door and adjust it carefully so that it sits squarely in the frame and aligns perfectly with the lock for absolute security. The fixed panel is then refitted, and if necessary, new fasteners are installed.

It seems to me that the rollers on my sliding door are worn out. However, I really feel that the track is in such bad condition because it seems to be worn down and I find metal chips and lots of filings around the track. Can you carry out repairs in this situation?
Because are specialists in this field, we have in stock, many different types of sliding door tracks. There is sure to be one that is suitable for your repair job.

I have a serious problem in that the frame at the top of the door has become somewhat loose. Consequently, the door has dropped and is scraping and rubbing constantly. Is this repairable?
The lentil needs to be given clearance by a trim to the top or bottom of the door. This would enable the door to have enough clearance so that it does not scrape at all during opening and closing.

I have a popular restaurant in the city. In our establishment, there are several big sliding doors of varying size. We are having problems locking the doors securely because the rollers seem to be faulty. Can you help?
In a commercial situation, the door rollers are either at the top or bottom of the door. Yes, we carry a large range of different size rollers and can definitely carry out a successful repair job.

My home is quite old – around 40 years or so and of course the sliding door is original. Is it necessary for me to replace my door, or can it be repaired?
The good news is that in nearly all cases, no matter how old the door, as long as it isn’t corroded or rotted, can carry out a successful repair job, saving you thousands of dollars on a new door.

We have a sliding door in the front of our house which isn’t closing properly or securely because the lock doesn’t align correctly. A recent handyman repair job didn’t last longer than a few weeks. In fact, the side of the door is coming away from the glass. Do I need a new door or can you repair it?
It certainly sounds as if your handyman has broken the head off the fastener situated at the bottom of the door and was unable to remove the whole of the fastener when he reassembled the door. No doubt, the side was not screwed securely onto the bottom plate, so the door frame is coming away from the glass. can remove the broken fastener and reassemble the door so that it works again, as new.

What are the most common sliding door repairs?

Domestic aluminium sliding doors, timber sliding doors, glass sliding doors, wardrobe sliding doors and cavity sliding doors.

No matter how old the sliding door, we carry an extensive range of parts in our mobile vans for repairs in the shortest possible time.