Sydney Sliding Door Repairs

Are you frustrated with your sliding door that is stuck and no longer slides easily?

The good news is you don’t need to get a new sliding door but instead you can let our experienced Sydney team look after your sliding door repairs and save considerably amounts of money at the same time. Be sure to view our Guarantee and our testimonials for more details.

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Having trouble with your sliding door? Is it difficult to open and close? Is it unable to slide smoothly or lock securely? Is it grinding and scratching on the track or actually coming off the track?

We specialise in the following areas and service the whole Sydney metropolitan area:

  • Aluminium door repairs and glass doors
  • Timber & glass doors
  • Balcony doors
  • Wardrobe doors
  • Internal doors
  • we even do Sliding window has all your repair needs covered. We have been established for thirty years and operating successfully in the Sydney area. Our specialty areas are domestic and commercial door repairs.

Because of the high volume of sliding door installations in domestic and commercial premises in recent years, sliding door repairs has become our primary service area, especially domestic doors. We carry out many sliding door repairs on a weekly basis. Set out below are the steps involved in a typical sliding door repair:

  • We remove the fixed side panel
  • We then dismantle the bottom rail of the door
  • Then we carry out a sliding track repair
  • We always replace the door roller or door wheel
  • The most frequent sliding door repair is due to the deterioration of the door roller.

In most circumstances, the deterioration of the tyres on the door rollers is the main cause of the door not operating properly. The tyres are lined with a synthetic material to cushion the door roller as it moves along the track. Naturally, as the synthetic material deteriorates with prolonged use, the roller comes into contact with the exposed ball bearing, and the ball bearing grates along the metal track. Thus, the metal, sliding door track itself, starts to deteriorate and the movement of the door roller causes the roller to fail quicker. Sooner or later, the operation of the door fails completely and the door is unable to move at all.

The good news – can repair glass and aluminium sliding doors

In fact, aluminium sliding door repairs are our most common service request. This is how we manage the repair of most glass and aluminium sliding doors:

– We remove the bottom of the door to gain access to the carriage of the door roller, taking care that the glass is not damaged

– We then take care to prevent the heads of the screws that hold the door together from fracturing as they are unscrewed. If the screws break as they commonly do, we remove the remaining body of the screw in order to fit a new fastener

It is most important that your locks are aligned perfectly for perfect security.

Because the new fasteners hold the door together, your security is restored. We put the door back on the sliding door track and then we adjust the door rollers so that the door fits squarely into the frame. The last step is to adjust the lock.

Often, problems with the lock not aligning as they should are caused by the door rollers deteriorating to the point where the door drops and the lock cannot line up correctly with the frame. Therefore, the door cannot be locked properly.

Once the repair is completed, we reassemble the sliding door rollers and carriages and reinstall the door onto the track, adjusting the door to the appropriate height so that it locks perfectly.

We are often asked whether steel door rollers are preferable to synthetic rollers

This often depends on the size and weight of the door and door frame. Light doors will often bounce if they are opened or shut too quickly and forcefully. In these circumstances, if the door roller is made of synthetic material, the track is protected. However, if the door roller is a steel one, the door track can be affected. In fact, the steel door roller can even make a dent in the door track.

However, if the door is a heavy one, it is less likely to bounce and the door track therefore, is not damaged. Obviously, heavy doors are best suited by using steel door roller and lighter doors perform best with synthetic tyres.

In some cases, it is not necessary to remove the fixed glass panel of the door because the lip on the threshold is low enough for the door roller and the door to fit over. On the other hand, some door rollers jut out well below the bottom of the door. When the door is reinstalled, the new door roller can be forced or dragged over the lip of the threshold resulting in damage to the tyre and the carriage being bent.  This must be avoided because another door repair will soon be necessary in these circumstances. technicians maintain the highest attention to detail in these circumstances and have a strong guarantee to back up the quality of our work. If you need some further information before giving us a call, then view our frequently asked questions page.

Should you require further information or a quote, do not hesitate to contact us to speak to a technician who can give you the best advice on the spot for all your sliding door repairs.