Testimonial – 665

I’m a pensioner with not a lot in savings and I was faced with the prospect of having to replace my sliding aluminium and glass door. I was really quite frightened for my safety, because the lock wasn’t working proper, so I knew that something had to be done. My neighbour, who fancies himself a competent handyman had tried to fix the door, with no success.

I took it upon myself to look for a company which specialised in sliding door repairs and came up with sydneyslidingdoorsrepair.com.au. To my great relief and delight, they sent out a tradesman the very next day. I really didn’t expect such prompt service. However, the door was dismantled and new rollers installed. There was also a problem with damage to the bottom track which must have accounted for the noise during opening and closing.

It seemed so quick – the repairs. And the cost was certainly affordable. I am so relieved I didn’t have to spend perhaps, thousands of dollars by having a new door installed.

I feel much more secure now, because the door is locking properly and is sliding quietly without any trouble at all thanks to sydneyslidingdoorsrepair.com.au.