Testimonial – 507

“I had literally put up with the problems associated with opening and closing my sliding door for two years – thinking that I would have to outlay thousands of dollars on a new door. I simply could not afford that type of money. The door had been grinding along the track, making an obnoxious noise, and I really felt that, because the lock did not align properly, our security and safety was at stake.

One day, a friend recommended sydneyslidingdoorsrepair.com.au. I called them that very day and to my complete surprise, a tradesman attended my home within hours. By the time my husband came home from work that night, the door was working perfectly. The cost was entirely affordable in comparison to what I had been advised by another tradesman for a new door. We haven’t had any trouble with the door since and it slides quietly and smoothly, without a struggle. Our lock is working perfectly. I couldn’t be happier.

I have to say, I feel much safer. Well done, sydneyslidingdoorsrepair.com.au!”