Testimonial – 506

“The aluminium sliding door leading on to my balcony was a nightmare to open and close. The problem was mainly, that there was a terrible grinding sound as the door moved along the track, not to mention the fact that it took a great effort just to get it open in the mornings. Admittedly, the house is 20 years old, but the door was a very sturdy one and what scared me was the thought of having to spend God’s knows how much money, to replace it.

I actually resorted to Google and came up with sydneyslidingdoorsrepair.com.au. The young lady on the phone was very courteous and seemed to have quite an extensive knowledge of what the problem was. At any rate, they sent out a tradesman the next day. I was very impressed with the way, this young man handled the situation. Within hours he had my door working perfectly. He replaced a lot of the parts and took extreme care with the glass in the process.

The upshot is that after a few hours, my door was sliding along the track quietly and without any struggle whatsoever. I’m very grateful to these people and would certainly recommend their services to anyone in need of a sliding door repair. Best of all, the price was very reasonable compared with a new door installation.”