Testimonial – 667

My house is around 15 years old and the sliding door at the side of the house was not operating as it should. It is quite a heavy door and it was coming off the tracks when we tried to open and close it. We actually got to the stage that because of this problem, and having to lift the door back onto the track all the time, we avoided using it at all. This was a problem in summer when we need more ventilation.

The fact is, we didn’t think we could afford a new door – especially one of the same quality as the existing door.

However, I called sydneyslidingdoorsrepair.com.au and got some very valuable advice over the phone. They were happy to give me a free quote. When the technician arrived, I peeped into his van and realised that he had a huge range of different rollers and tracks etc.

He made me feel very confident that he could fix the door for what I thought was a reasonable price under the circumstances. He dismantled the door and replaced the worn-out parts. In a few hours, the door was working again as it had when I first bought the house.

I was very impressed and my door is working perfectly.