Testimonial – 666

I have a fairly new house in Parramatta. It’s only around 8 years old. Unfortunately, for some reason the sliding door onto the patio has been causing a lot of trouble for some time now. I’ve put off calling in a repairman because I believed that he would tell me I need a new door and that would mean quite a lot of money, which I simply couldn’t afford.

One of my friends recommended that I call sydneyslidingdoorsrepair.com.au because he and his wife had their sliding door repaired by these people last year. The door is quite light but we were having a lot of trouble opening and closing it. The rollers were making a raucous, grinding sound as the door moved along the track. I have three children and the door gets a lot of use.

The next day, a tradesman from sydneyslidingdoorsrepair.com.au appeared on my doorstep. Apparently, I didn’t need a new door at all, because the tradesman replaced the rollers and other parts, and that effectively, got rid of the noise completely.
Now my door is working as it should and I’m very grateful that I didn’t have to spend thousands on a new door.