Testimonial – 508

“Only a few years ago, my husband and I had a new home built for our growing family. We were astounded to find that problems with our sliding door began almost immediately. The situation grew worse until we were at the point that we had constant difficulty opening and closing the door.

Finally, I contacted sydneyslidingdoorsrepair.com.au and received and prompt and courteous attention.

I’m pleased and greatly relieved that our door is now working perfectly – and we didn’t have to pay out thousands of dollars for a new door. Their tradesman took the whole door apart and replaced the parts that were worn out and broken. He then reassembled the door and it worked perfectly, as it should. They seem to have installed much higher quality parts because after much daily use, the door is working beautifully, still. The repair job saved me much more money that I would have had to pay for a new sliding door.”